Antique Wood Stoves

Three old wood-burners.

The small ‘box’ stove was originally used as a heater in a caboose on the CPR.  A few years ago it was used to heat a small cabin in BC’s interior.

It is intact, save for one missing long bolt, which could be replaced or fabricated by a metal worker.

The other two stoves are missing some pieces.

Please note that NONE of these stoves would meet current codes in Canada or the US They are intended only as collectibles

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Box stove, more than 100 years old

An old Sears parlor stove

An old ornate parlor stove


I’ve finally had these appraised.  The box stove has been valued at @ $650.00, and the two incomplete parlour stoves @ $400.00 each.

Please contact me to discuss price of all three purchased together, as I would like to get these things out of the shed ASAP

Purchaser to pay shipping.

I am in the Similkameen/Okanagan in BC, Canada

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