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Offers to $1,500. CS

1981 Yamaha XS-11 ‘Trans-Canada’ 1100 cc, in-line four cylinder, shaft-drive touring motorcycle

36,154 Original Km

Engine, power train etc in excellent condition.

Partially restored, this vintage machine needs some parts replaced, including mufflers, brake lines, tires and a few other components due to age.

Some minor cosmetic damage, such as a couple of very small dents on the fuel tank, and the front fender. Needs repainting.

Extra parts shown below include a tour trunk, an extra luggage rack, and an extra set of exhaust headers, plus various parts not shown, including replacement front brake pads, front fork seals and etc.

Located in Hedley, BC

Please use the contact form if you would like to arrange a viewing, or require additional information.

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